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Neutron Star Collision // Video & Behind the Scenes on muse.mu now!


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I hate twilight -.-


watch my vid without scenes from film: http://www.dailymotion.pl/video/xdehgj_neutron-star-collision-love-is-fore_music




Your's is better but I am still hoping that we will get a professionally done video without Twilight scenes and a full video of the Muse performance.


I don't like Twilight but I'm not one of those who has any particular agenda against it, it's just the film scenes aren't even good with the video. Ugly, a bit stomach churning, cheap and too busy I have decided, which is such a shame as the Muse part of it looks pretty classy.


The Twilight scenes also do the song a disservice. Make it come over as cloying when it's not.

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