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Does Muse still have the edge they did from Showbiz - Absolution? No.

Can they still make amazing music? Yes.


They've said it before and they'll say it again, fame and money isn't what they're playing for. They're playing for the same reason they got into a band, to play live music.


Making good money helps of course but that probably goes right back into designing the stages they're going to use.


IMO, The Resistance is almost a tie for first place in my favourite Muse albums with Absolution although Absolution has the slight edge because well, it's Absolution, and the live performances during that time were probably the best.


Until Muse REALLY lays an egg, I won't stop liking them. Even if they did lay an egg, I'd still listen to their older stuff. Neutron Star Collision has been listened to me 234 times now so that's not considered laying an egg in my books.

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Hello, ancient thread! :LOL:


I understand how others have felt this way, and I can relate a bit. I didn't dislike TR or T2L, but (with the exception of a couple tracks) they did not live up to the first four albums at all.


That being said, I think Drones will change all that. I think the old "spark" is back now, and we will finally get an album that lives up to the old Muse we all loved so much!

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