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Here you go. You can buy it offthe NME site





Thanks a lot for this ! :D


I just bought mine online. 10,99€ for the whole thing, shipping included (5€).

And my dad was in UK yesterday :facepalm:


I guess I'll just hang it on the wall behind my bed to fully enjoy these 10,99€ when done reading lol



Edit after reading the following post : Nevermind, I'm fine with my 11€ :D

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Ughhh why is shipping so darn expensive to the US?


From the sound of it, it's gonna come to around $20, possibly more (including shipping). Do I really wanna pay that much? :unsure:


I purchased one online and it came to $17.99 including all taxes and shipping. :indiff: It's an exorbitant amount to pay for a magazine, but worth it to me because it's an icon edition featuring Muse. :musesign:


And a big thank you to centisuk for posting the website! :awesome:

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I got my copy (well two actually). It's really good' date=' loads of pix I haven't seen before. Haven't looked at the words yet.[/quote']



Where did you get it from?


Ima go out soon and try and find it

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I don't have time to do scans. Sorry.

Maybe tonight once the children are in bed if no-one else has done it by then. But it won't be all 100 pages :LOL:

i've already got some. :p

i mean, just the most interesting pictures or facts. i doubt if this NME is filled with some information we don't know. ok, they could've invented something. :chuckle:

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Just got this, definitely a worthwhile buy :D - don't have a scanner here though sorry guys!


Where did you get it from? :)


WH Smith. They had about 10 copies. I tried Sainsbury's first and they didn't have any.


Ahhh cool

Was gonna go out to Sainsburys and Tesco, but I'm not sure they'll have it..

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I now have my own copy! My local spar only had two copies (which is now down to one thanks to me) so if there is a Spar or Co-op near you (UK people) that might be worth a try.



There's a Spar and Co-op near me, so I'll go have a looooks

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