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Seriously. Who wants my +1?


Me, me, me! Please. It would be the perfect way to celebrate my freedom! I have my graduation ceremony that day, but what better way to celebrate freedom than a spontanious trip to Paris and a the ultimate muse experience! God, I really want a ticket! I would do anything...

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Right I have to be sensible about this. I'm currently looking at my travel options to Paris. This looks the most likely:


- A ferry with Norfolk Line from Dover to Dunkirk is £28 for a car + 4 people so I can offer a carpool to 3 people. I'm expecting my fuel bill to be £140 so this would work out as return travel to Paris at £35 per person (cheaper than Eurostar and pretty much everything else).


- It makes sense if my +1 is one of these three people.


- I am travelling down from Wigan, and my route to Dover would take me past Birmingham, so it would also make sense if the +1/Any fellow carpoolers were in the vicinity of these two places.


-We can either sort out our own individual accommodation, or see about staying in the same place to make the return journey simpler.


Anyone who is geniunely interested in my spare ticket based on this plan or anyone needing a lift to Paris (either a pair or two single ticket holders) then please PM me today so I can book the ferry asap.


I'm looking at the midday ferry which will give me 6 hours to travel from the NW to Dover, 2hours ferry crossing time, and a 3-4 hour drive to Paris, arriving around 5/6pm (I'm assuming the gig doors open around 7/7.30).

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