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79a961ac-93a3-4f4c-abd4-26b45eda789d.jpgNeutron Star Collision (Love is Forever), the new single from Muse, will be available to buy tomorrow (Monday 17th May)!


The song will be premiered on Zane Lowe's show on Radio 1 at 19:30 (GMT) tomorrow evening and will be available for sale here on muse.mu immediately after.


Pre-ordered downloads will also become available from 19:30 tomorrow evening.






Source: http://muse.mu/news/article/661/neutron-star-collision--available-tomorrow/

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i mean seriously we have to wait until the evening!

(i now would like to refer you to the starlight hidden track)


:LOL::LOL: + 437875398575^53475837404


But seriously, what?! 7.30 pm?! Thats like a whole day :(

the song better be worth the wait now...

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Completely forgot' date=' musers on Twitter are looking for the right tag to trend for tomorrow. Any suggestions?[/quote']


as of a few hrs ago, there was #NeutronStarCollision or #SaveMuseFromTwilight , depending on your preference

try #musers to see if there's concensus(sp?)

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