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Tickets for Stade de France - On Sale Tuesday


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"Mardi 18 mai à 10h00 : mise en vente de places supplémentaires sur toutes les catégories et sur les concerts du 11 et 12 juin 2010."

all categories? :eek: nice :happy:


???? Where did you see that ? (I mean "all categories") Does this mean that I would be possible to have some more pelouse or ?


Edit : Ok I read too fast ... so all categories definitely means there'll be very few available. And a tip for french people : go to your local FNAC because (I know 'coz it happened to me once) the stores have some tickets that don't go on sale on internet.... It's not the case everywhere but in big stores such as Val d'Europe it often happens.

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Damnit' date=' this will make my spare harder to sell.[/quote']


No you still can sell it easily. The tickets left that are on sale have a bad view it's mentionned on the website (visibilité réduite). All other tickets are sold out (épuisé) :


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