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Muse Song World Cup: Final Discussion.


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Stockholm Syndome. Because;

The bass in the chorus is similar to the one in Showbiz; just driving deeper and deeper down creating a truly brilliant climax. Some people say that SS is too repetetive... what do you mean? Pretty much all of Muse's songs are repetetive; verse, chorus, verse, chorus..., the same riff is almost always repeated throughout any song, PiB and Hysteria (Bass) for example. So that imo can't be used against SS.

Many people are also arguing that SS is musicly boring. Okay, it may not be as complex as KoC, but complexity does not mean it's better. Look at (don't know the English word, use a Welsh translator) Cyfresiaeth. That's some really complicated stuff, but it's just awful.

For me, it's not about how well constructed a song is, or how many different composition tools are used to create it, but how it all sounds as a whole, and how it makes you feel. For me Stockholm Syndome is just head and shoulders above KoC, in every way.

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