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I'll go through my favorites alphabetically.


Butterflies & Hurricanes, Cave, City of Delusion, Hyper Music, In Your World, Knights of Cydonia, Map of the Problematique, Map of Your Head, Micro Cuts, New Born, Showbiz, Starlight, Stockholm Syndrome, Sunburn, and Take A Bow.

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ok, best muse song....as in singular, not multiple songs, but pick one.


My favorite is Hyper Music and it is perfect to me, but i think their best work is execution commentary.....hahaha...obviously taking the piss, i couldn't peg them with one best....maybe Citizen Erased as the definitive muse-eque song. To me it is the epitomy of what most of muse does, it has piano, drums, bass, guitar, addictive vocals, it is long, it has several tempo and pitch changes and is rather unique....but personally i will always think that Hyper Music is their best...why else would they have done two studio versions? not an extended, but completely different. I think the only other one they came close to doing that with was Shine, also another phenomonal song.


But i still can't definitively decided what could be considered Muse's all around best song.

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Sorry for the long list but i guess i just friggin love them


new born


hyper music

plug in baby

feeling good


apocalypse please

time is running out

sing for absolution

stockholm syndrome


butterflies and hurricanes

ruled by secrecy

crying shame

and just about all of Black Holes & Revelations

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Citizen Erased


most definitely!!!

this track has everything and is so awesome live


wish they played it at the Perth Big Day Out though :mad:

cos i was 2nd row from the front!!! and it took me only fukn 3 hours to get inside there haha

even though i was disapointed...i've never seen such an awesome performance from a band




but otherwise love all there songs, dont really hate any...

-Citizen Erazed

-Butterflies and Hurricanes

-Stockholm Syndrome


-Map Of The Problematique

are my fantastic five


i dont want you to adore me

dont want you to ignore me

when it pleases you

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Guest muse-ical93

I can never answer this question....just cant place a number one. But faves would have to be...




Time is Running Out

Sing For Absolution

Stockholm Syndrome

Take A Bow

Knights Of Cydonia

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I've been torn between New Born and Citizen Erased for a long time.. CE is the only song I've ever come across that ranges between so many different moods seamlessly and leaves you feel like you've been on an emotional voyage/rollercoaster. But it edges a little more towards New Born. And I'm also in love with Showbiz. It's so aggressive and fecking fantastic! I love Shrinking Universe too, the falsettos get me weak everytime.. it's constantly on repeat. Muscle Museum is an early favourite of mine for sure, I love the angst, and the lyrics are quite clever lol. And Take A Bow is really awesome, gives me shivers, as Matt constantly points out it doesn't follow traditional songs in the sense that there's nochorus/verse structure, but it manages to work perfectly as a song. Hysteria will always always be a favourite, best build up intro EVER. As will Micro Cuts, not only are the lyrics powerful, but the overall sound is immense, there's so much frustration it's fecking ace how it builds and explodes in the chorus and the end riff. And Space Dementia has the most powerful intro that melds into a terrific, OTT track with amazing piano work. And Fury is a work of art it really is. Class B-side! And so is Hyper Chondriac Music, it's so atmospheric and moving, has actually reduced me to tears it's that beautiful. And City Of Delusion is hugely impressive with it's progression and layered sound that all works so well together. I also love the simplicity (ish) of Hoodoo, there's something haunting about that song it just resonates in my mind for ages afterwards, truly beautiful. For fecks sake there's no way of naming just one best song with a band as brilliant as Muse!! :D :D


I really wish I had just one but it's simply impossible because all of their songs amaze me! Though I hafta say, standing up there marginally higher than the rest is New Born. Something about it makes me feel 'alive' and ready to go insane, the energy in that song is electric and almost tangible (if any of this has made any sense whatsoever :$) Anyways i've rambled enough now, Muse rock, good night....

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