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Muse and Parents


What do your parents think of muse?  

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  1. 1. What do your parents think of muse?

    • Dad loves them
    • Mum loves them
    • Both love them
    • both like them
    • dad likes em
    • mum likes them
    • both hate them
    • mum hates them
    • dad hates them

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My dad goes with me to see them in Krakow, he loves the latest album, Uprising in aprticular. As he is from the older generation and he doesn't speak English, probably just for them he'll joind a course, to read the MUSE collectors' special edition. Mum likes them too, but she cares less.

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My mum likes TIRO, she was singing the chorus, which is the only part she knows, but she kept saying MY time is running out instead of OUR :LOL: and she got the tune right :happy: She also like SMBH but im not sure if its because of twilight, i hope its not...

She likes NSC but not because of eclipse, she heard it on the radio like two weeks ago :happy: and i think she likes KoC because she had it on in the car a couple of weeks ago when she came to pick me up

My dad likes Uprising and Stockholm Syndrome, he turned the volume up really loud and was trying to sing it :LOL: I also found his copy of Absolution a while ago :D

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My dad loves Stockholm syndrome, citizen erased, space dementia, the small print, dead star and hysteria.


He hates showbiz, exogenesis, guiding light and all of Black holes and revelations cos he says it is too noisy.


My mum loves feeling good, blackout, exogenesis, undisclosed desires and all of the resistance.


But she hates dead star, micro cuts, the small print and all of origin of symmetry.

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Well, actually I didn't really "introduce" Muse to my mom, But I listen to them all day long, so she hears them too because of me (and my brother)... And everytime she hears that I'm listening to them, she says: "What a lovely song" or: "Hey, I know that song! I like it!" or: "What a great music!" without even knowing it's the same band all the time. :D

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Well....i do play an awful lot of muse (HAARP dvd is virtually never off the TV :LOL:)


My mum says to people there okay (which is embarrasing with her music taste)


And my dad always used to say there depressing, although a few months on, he's getting pretty jealous that he is not coming to Wembley with me :p


Quite often hear my dad humming KoC :LOL: but when im playing songs such as Unintended or Blackout he always makes the joke "you can play that at my funeral because it will really depress people".....Guess some people do not understand how beautiful some songs really are ;)

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My parents both like Muse, but they're both very picky about which songs they like.


The one song my dad LOVES though is KoC. He asks me to play it all the time and says "It's the best Muse song, Amanda. Don't ever think any different." :LOL:


Dad likes: KoC, Uprising, Unnatural Selection, USoE, Cross-Pollination (most of TR, really :LOL:). He seems to like most of Abso and OoS too, but he's never actually commented "Oh, I like that song, what's it called?" like he has with the others I've mentioned. (He hates NSC with a burning passion. :LOL: He said to me "Amanda. That's godawful. Do they realize just how horrible that song is? Oh my God." :chuckle:)


Mom likes: Sunburn, SfA, Unintended, FAWY, IBTY (are you seeing a pattern here? :LOL:) but she likes most of the rest of Abso too. She hasn't listened to too much TR or BH&R though.

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