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Myspace streaming Seattle


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Holy. Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone record please I don't have a myspace!!!!!!


:wtf: Based on the SXSW video, you don't need a MySpace account to be able to watch it. With the SXSW video, you could just go to http://www.myspace.com/muse and it was on their page. Regardless, I'm sure someone will record it.


Matt threw his guitar?!!!? Omg, how did I not hear of this?? Can't wait to see it :D !!!!!




Skip to 1:08.


It's the full gig or only some songs?

Because Stockholm Syndrome with Nirvana's riffs would be awesome....but they have already streamed the song for the SXSW show :stunned:

It will be an amazing show anyway :D


they’ll be streaming a full hour-and-a-half concert from their stellar show in Seattle last month
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