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I would really like to hear more vocalizations like in Falling Down and Darkshines. I like the rawness of it. I'm not suggesting a whole album of that but maybe bringing it back in one song would please me

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I would really like to hear more vocalizations like in Falling Down and Darkshines. I like the rawness of it. I'm not suggesting a whole album of that but maybe bringing it back in one song would please me


He probably couldn't even do that any more. His voice has matured a lot.

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I honestly have no idea where they are going from here. I atleast except the 'typical Muse' stuff, like conspiracies, space, etc. I suspect there is going to be a lot of piano based songs, and that it's going to have 11 songs.

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and that it would sound like Map of the Problematique

Well, that wasn't so far off. They probably started with songs like Uprising, MK Ultra and Resistance in their minds, but then just got bored of it.

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lets see.......



first,we need some angry riffs that will make anyone fall down to their knees in shock and amazement,babling something about 'omg...!!they still got it!!'.

snarling,twisted lyrics about how majorly fucked the world is from a main protagonists pov makes most radiochannels wonder if they would even dare to play it,

as its picked as first single. some slight shock ensues, as it becomes clear that the recordcompany werent to happy to let the band even add the track on their new release.

however, the band has pointed out how much cash the resistance dragged in, and that people should relax and 'trust us. we're doctors',all whilst laughing behind everyones back.

Q and NME slams Matt as insane (as usual... :rolleyes:) while we raise our glasses to his rather crystal clear sanity and celebrate our love for the band.


then a song so heavy on the dark, classicaly influenced twisted piano parts that it will make their mama and papa have to vipe away tears of pure,unadultered pride. congrats space dementia and megalomania; you just had a bebeh.

and the lyrics? they are brooding, bloodcurling and delish.like long, cold fingernails scratching down your back.( i can haz nom,plis? )


to follow up: a sexeh little groovy number with some mad beats that makes every timbaland out there crawl back to their mom,crying about how

they never can be that groovy, because they can never be the next dom howard, and now their life is officially over.and did i mention it should be groovy?

it makes some new people sway the muse-way, and as they are slowly giving in to the temptation of becoming a fullblown muser, they can be seen explaining themselves to

unforgiving non-musers with lines like 'at first i was just curious....but it was just so bloody good!! it's all Dom's fault!!'

the title is a dirty little tongue-firmly-placed-in-cheek wordplay along the lines of poker face and if you seek amy. (anything they can do,we can do better....:p )


then, its time for a hefty portion of brutal,deluxe action.chris makes the bass begg for mercy,matt has no intetion in quelling the organ, and everyone shuts.the.hell.up.in awe.the chorus' drumbeat is like a freakin kick in the face. yes, i know you have been longing for this moment. heres a cleenex. dry your eyes, mate.

then some royaly massive,facemelting riffs. you might want to sit down when you hear it for the first time.its that good.


then comes a track so heavy and twisted on the bass, your girlfriend instantly snaps out of whatever shes doing, pins you to the wall and threaten to tie you up if

you wont let her have her way with you.also, the lyrics to this track should be so disturbing,demanding and fucked up, that martin gore would get scared and run and hide.


then a gorgeous,stunning pianopiece with a core that takes your breath away,laced with drums and bass that makes you want to hurt anyone that disturb you

while youre listening to the track.on top of that: haunting lyrics that ruin you,keep you up at night, and make you start questioning everything. and its goooooood.


then...... its time for some brutal deluxe action again -this time with a feisty piano breakdown. the only 'we' song on the album lyricsvise.

then, a softer, nice little breather strewn with lovely,lush little detailed elements that opens up to you in a new way everytime you hear it.


you had your breather...now its time for some angry,brutal,deluxe action again. this time with a massive arpeggio build up.

the whole song is pretty much one delish intro to what comes next,though.


so, to finish you off: one long,dirty, massive roaring beast of pure epic. this track could possibly be deadly around heavy machinery and cutesy little justin beiber fans, so take precausions. its a born-to-be staple at concerts, and makes knights look itself nervously over its shoulder,before it gives in to the new songs wall-to-wall amazingness,

and passes on the crown. originaly intended as the crowdpleaser, it scares away non-fans like marilyn manson at a babtist sunday brunch.


and while you lie there on the floor,gasping for air in exhaustion, a final, hidden track at about 2 mins. appears out of the blue.

its instrumental,its a beast, and you just know its going to be fucking amazing live with the band going completely mental.


throw it all in a pot, stirr -then add one pinch of 'ohmyfuckin'godican'tbelieveitsnotrealsex!!:eek:' then stirr again,let it simmer for about....60 minutes, and voilà! new album and muse-faith restoration brought to you by... Matt,Dom and Chris :D


fuck. i want this album now! :(



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