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Dunno if anyone is still checking this thread or if this has been asked in a different one but what effects does Matt use on The Groove? I know there's the whammy pedal at the start but it sounds like he uses some weird warbling type thingy all the way through. It's hard to describe but it just sounds more than just meaty distortion.


It's not a whammy, it's the Fuzz Factory. Haven't listened to the song for a very long time, but I'm pretty sure it's only the Fuzz Factory all the way through.

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Hmm...my settings for Hysteria on bass. I think it works quite nicely:


Digitech Whammy: +1 octave harmony

Big Muff: tone @ 3-4 o'clock, sustain at 2 o'clock

Octaver for verses (OC-3) on drive, all knobs at 10-11 o'clock

Phaser (optional): 8-9o'clock


That works really well for me.

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I would really like to know what effect Matt uses on map of the problematique, oh yeah and a descent tab would be nice... :)

It's a sequenced filter of some sort - we don't know what exactly it is at the moment...

It could be a ZVex seek/ooh-wah, it could be a Line6 filter pro, it could easily be some uber-rack thing that none of us will ever touch.


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ive seen it, and iw as at leeds, and i know what your saying but it could still be a dodgy synth jsut getting turned on


edit: wtahced it, you dont hear nothing get turned on :S you hear him play the dodgy chord to start with but yeah

Haha, yeah - it must have been another vid where you can hear it filtering some hum/feedback.


I think the wrong chord proves my point in anycase:p !

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listen to the wrong chord, the listen to when the right chord comes in



it sounds like pure guitar no effect atall


but the wrong chords, is all the effect.



thats kinda proves my point haha

You see him play both chords and they both have the effect on them :confused: .

If it was a backing track (which is impossible because it's affecting his guitar sound), the first 'wrong' chord couldn't exist... Simple as.

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nah i do know what u mean, and i did used to think it was guitar till haze the bitch questioned it might be a synth, but when he plays the right chord, u can hear his guitar perfect its weird


Nah, I was wrong, blatently a guitar effect. Simno managed to get something very similar sounding, can't remember how he did it.

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