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No, I'd say it's healthy that you aren't mad....as opposed to me, who DID get barrier and still holds a grudge. :LOL: I just hope he shows up next time because we will be ready for him. :ninja:

He was just bugging me all day. He kept scooting forward, and I was like "I did not see this guy get a number". I asked several people...so my grudge happened long before we got barrier :LOL: Because obviously when we were waiting, we didn't know if we *would* get barrier, and this guy could have weaseled his way in front of me or anyone else. He didn't speak to anyone all day in line (that I saw), and when we asked about his number he wouldn't show us.

And you telling me that he lied & said he had #20 made me more mad lol.


Next time, we can just gang up on him & carry him to the back of the line..the dude probably weighs 120 lbs soaking wet, so I think we could handle it.

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The worst part was that we all KNEW what he was doing and we were still too nice to say anything, even after he tried to claim Seth's number as his. FAIL.:rolleyes:

I know. I honestly think we're the nicest group of concert-goers of all time. Any other show, girls would have ripped his face off if he tried to cut.

Though any other concert, we probably wouldn't have been able to leave the line & come back to our spots either.

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