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YKYATMW you spend the whole 5 hours in train doing everything which includes Muse


YKYATMW you upload a picture to Facebook with some lyrics of Guiding Light and link the video in Youtube (secretly trying to get your Facebook-friend listen to Muse :happy: )


YKYATMW you go crazy when you see a guy who looks a bit like Matt


YKYATMW sing suuuuuuuuuuuuupremacyyyyyyyyyyyyy when you're sleeping........


YKYATMW you add "muse" to interests in Omegle and try to find someone to talk with about Muse --> and after trying half an hour hopelessly you find no one, you get sad ):


YKYATMW you wrote "hopelessly" to the previous sentence, you automatically thought "it should be endlessly"

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10:30 pm

I'm in my room.

I hear my mom playing piano downstairs.

The chords sound really familiar, and I remember that I left my BH&R songbook on the piano.

I stand bolt upright and run down the stairs.

Arms outstretched and horribly off key, I wail "AND TOOONIIIIIGHT, WE CAN TRUUULY SAY, TOGETHER WE'RE INVIIINCIBLE!"

Mom looks confused and alarmed.

I see the sheet music she's playing.




I've been laughing for a hundred years and I'm not even sure why.


It may be the photoshopped lions.




:LOL: That's a great story!!!! I'd probably do something like that, too. LOLOL

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when your after dinner Xmas party game is inserting as many titles of Muse songs into the conversation... and half the family don't even like Muse or know what you are talking about. But you still think it's a great game that is highly entertaining...


Hmmmm.....I want to try this one day. :D

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YTYATMW your husband shares his birthday with Matt Bellamy (albeit 8 years apart!) and you constantly remind him of that fact :$ LOL:


YTYATMW you ask said husband to buy you the Modern Muse fragrance by Estée Lauder for Xmas because it smells wonderful....honest! :p

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