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YKYATMW you spend the whole 5 hours in train doing everything which includes Muse


YKYATMW you upload a picture to Facebook with some lyrics of Guiding Light and link the video in Youtube (secretly trying to get your Facebook-friend listen to Muse :happy: )


YKYATMW you go crazy when you see a guy who looks a bit like Matt


YKYATMW sing suuuuuuuuuuuuupremacyyyyyyyyyyyyy when you're sleeping........


YKYATMW you add "muse" to interests in Omegle and try to find someone to talk with about Muse --> and after trying half an hour hopelessly you find no one, you get sad ):


YKYATMW you wrote "hopelessly" to the previous sentence, you automatically thought "it should be endlessly"

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10:30 pm

I'm in my room.

I hear my mom playing piano downstairs.

The chords sound really familiar, and I remember that I left my BH&R songbook on the piano.

I stand bolt upright and run down the stairs.

Arms outstretched and horribly off key, I wail "AND TOOONIIIIIGHT, WE CAN TRUUULY SAY, TOGETHER WE'RE INVIIINCIBLE!"

Mom looks confused and alarmed.

I see the sheet music she's playing.




I've been laughing for a hundred years and I'm not even sure why.


It may be the photoshopped lions.




:LOL: That's a great story!!!! I'd probably do something like that, too. LOLOL

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YTYATMW your husband shares his birthday with Matt Bellamy (albeit 8 years apart!) and you constantly remind him of that fact :$ LOL:


YTYATMW you ask said husband to buy you the Modern Muse fragrance by Estée Lauder for Xmas because it smells wonderful....honest! :p

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