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MUSE @ 2010 Jisan Valley Rock Festival - August 1st 2010


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I guess Matt's not playing Bliss saved his voice. Knights of Cydonia was the best one I've ever heard; his falsetto was amazing and he played a different ending riff, one that I haven't heard before. Stockholm Syndrome was beefy as hell, a welcome change from this spring. And I was happy to hear Map for the first time since 2007. I'm sure I'll think of other things to say tomorrow, but overall I'm quite happy. Setlist sucked, but after Fuji I figured we might be in for the same old. Oh, there are now purple, red and blue lasers to go along with the green ones--not as many, but they're noticeable.

'Night everyone! :D


Glad to know you enjoyed the gig. :)

I didn't notice those lasers at Fuji, or there was none. :facepalm: I did notice yellow lasers, though.

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