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But what can you do with the boreal summer and when the sun is shinning at 9pm? :LOL:

Maybe a little bit hard to time it like this in countries where the sun nearly doesn't set at the moment :)

In the context of this show, I guess I'm questioning why they play it at all.... but then, it's not like I've seen it outdoors in the light, so I'm only guessing :)


My sunset comment was more general - I don't expect them to wait for sunset that far north any more than I expect them to play the full exogenesis ;)

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Just like Helsinki so far, maybe they will switch Bliss with Citizen Erased? Don't know how the polls looked like in Norway.

Bergenhus Festning

1. Knights of Cydonia

2. Citizen Erased

3. Bliss

4. Supermassive Black Hole

5. Uprising

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Yeah I think I prefer my gigs under the cover of darkness.


yeah me too! :LOL:

It was kinda weird to hear Exo in the sunshine! Although I think it's a great opener. But the gig started at 8pm, so it was like 9:30 when Muse finished, so sun was kinda expected :LOL:

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Looking like this set is gonna be the same as Helsinki if this keeps up.


But the next gig is Fuji Rock in Japan, and we all know how much Muse loves Japan :awesome:

heh... they'll play Bliss, CE, Showbiz, Dead Star, The Small Print..... and the full Exogenesis....


Then once september comes, they'll have had a nice break from the monotony and will be ready to bring back the GL+NSC+FG triple feature for the stadium shows :awesome:




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