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The show was amazing as usual! I've got a really sore neck from all the headbanging.


Oh, and Dom's shiny full-body suit was tight. Especially 'round a certain part of his body. And there was a close up during UD when he played the bass drum. Can.not.unsee.

He certainly loves showing that off :LOL:

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Check out Matt's moves at the beginning of this video: http://www.bt.no/tv/?id=21713 (about 15 secs in)



Interesting dance moves there Matt:LOL::LOL:




I really don't know what to say about Dom's ensemble:pope:, Except I want to see the bottom half in its full glory:eyebrows:. Are Matt and Dom having some kind of bet as to who can wear the most ridiculous outfit. I think Dom's winning:chuckle:

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ha ha ha:LOL:

bergen gig looks so much fun!!!

matt's dance moves are priceless..

and dom's outfit..aijajai XD HOT HOT :LOL: <3

setlist seems same as finland o.o


i'm still urging my hubster to go to fuji rock

since i can't go back to japan til next month.

so curious what they're gonna play there!!

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Actually, he's being singing it for about a year now since he broke up with Gaia. Suits the song better.


yeah i thought i heard that in tokyo in january :stunned: and certainly matt sang 'lost you'

in helsinki this time. aww. i think it really does suit the song better..:erm:

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