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There's always going to be negativity, it's unfortunate but that's the way things are these days...I suppose as long as people don't take differing opinions as a personal affront, then things will be cool. As long as you keep the negative stuff in the right places then they haven't got a leg to stand on with telling you not to be negative (and when I say "you" I mean everyone who wants to talk about the negatives!)



Which is why I think blaming all the fights on this board on the complaining bullshit. It takes two sides to become a fight, and it's not like "we" are just randomly attacking people who are positive.


I will say something negative if that's how I feel, and if people start defending Muse with arguments that I don't agree with, of course I am gonna respond!

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That's all fair enough...but arguing in the gig threads does make those that went to the gig feel like their opinion doesn't matter because all they see is the beef...could you not agree to take the setlist talk to this thread instead and leave those threads for people that actually went to the gigs?

I agree - the beef should be in here and not in the gig threads.


IMO the gig threads aren't for people to argue about whether they liked it or not at all, even if they were there. It's about posting your review if you were there and then posting pics and vids and specific gig related discussion (i.e. remember when that happened, anyone in my section, who was the guy that did this thing etc). I don't think people who were at the gig should really be arguing amongst themselves about whether they enjoyed it or not. If I enjoyed it and you didn't, then so be it, we post our reviews/opinions and that's that. There really isn't much point in us going on for 10pgs attacking each other. It's not like anyone's mind is going to be changed.



And the arguing starts because people tend to try and defend Muse when people say something bad about them.


"This was shit, this could have been better", why not just leave it at that? There is nor reason for people to start arguing about it, which is what eventually fills the whole threads. People have different opinions, "they" need to realize it just as much as "us".

True. I try to tell people that if they're annoyed by the negative comments the best thing to do is just ignore them and have your conversation as though they aren't there. Posting about them is just going to turn the conversation into an argument about arguing. The b33f can't take over the thread if you don't let it. You don't have to like everything everyone says....


But, I think that those who weren't at the gig should keep the beef out of the threads because there is really no need for it to be there. There is plenty of room for it in here, and if people don't like it in here, then tough for them. This thread is for generic comments, which would include comparisons between gigs. Each gig thread is for that gig, so a discussion of how the gigs setlist fits in with the rest of the tour isn't really appropriate.

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The problem is that they aren't even trying. it's not hard to MIX things.


If someone complains when they got Bliss and B&H instead of Sunburn and CE, they are just whiners.


if someone complains when they didn't get ANY non-regular songs, I think that's okay. Maybe that's just me.

is it okay if i complain? I got TaB, RBS, and US.

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Well, they can say that Muse are amazing, that's their opinion. But that doesn't mean they couldn't have been better.


That's one of the most used arguments, "people enjoyed it". It makes no sense when the people aren't aware of what they COULD have gotten.


Well, yes and no. I enjoyed it immensely, but it was plain to see for me where improvements could be made.

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I mean, at the end of the day, it was worth the $130 dollars for the ticket which is the only consideration that really matters, so I'm happy.

I feel that way about almost all of my gigs. The only one that really still stings is Charlottesville...


Other than that, I have some non-band related trauma left from MSG and Wembley 1, but setlist/show wise, they're good :)




Some pics from Sydney

Great pics :D

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quit the teasing.. how about the whole story?


well i didnt know if anyone would take any interest haha. well tom was really nice but really short which i hadnt realised but yes, he shook my hand and gave me his set list because he knew i wanted something haha. the day after i then went back before the concert to the loading dock to see if i could catch the bands going in and biffy were first and they are so incredibly nice! simon introduced himself and asked if i wanted a picture. muse then came through and said hi and all but they were really tired or something which was odd and they just went through after quite quickly really, hopefully ill catch them at the airport.



Future reference: if a band plays at acer they always enter through the loading dock :)

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I want this shirt!






Looks fucking awesome

EDIT: Link???


:LOL: thanks... It's supposed to be on the .mu shop sometime soon, but I'm still in the dark as of when. I was hoping that it would have been in the merch stands by the second US leg to have it with official tour dates but figured it may be for sale at the Aussie gigs.

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