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Muse Chat Question


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I feel stupid posting this because I'm sure I've overlooked a thread and this has already been asked...




I primarily use Microcuts.net as my Muse source whenever I need something. They've posted in their news updates that there will be a live feed of the chat on the 29th at 18:00 and I couldn't seem to find any information on the Official Muse site regarding this, other than the page to submit questions for the chat. Assuming 18:00 is in GMT and only after doing the time conversion, I've figured out that I won't be around to watch the video.


So, my question would be... will this video be recorded for those that aren't around to watch it live? Will there be a transcript of it? Or is it just a watch it or miss it deal?


I just wanted to see how this was going to work because I did submit a question and, although I doubt it will be answered, I'd love to watch it, regardless.


To anyone that has the answer, I thank you in advance.


(And I apologize if this is the wrong section of the forum.)

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I haven't heard all the details either. I thought it would be text like a typewritten Q&A. But, based on what they posted in the news update on Microcuts, it appears as though it will be a live video feed (or a "live transmission", as they word it) and mentions how everyone should "arrive on time".


Here's the link: http://www.microcuts.net/uk/news/archives/11252006-musechat.php

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i got the questions, they're in the musechat thread in main muse. the actual videocast will be available on muse.mu starting tomorrow.


Brilliant. I'll be waiting for it. :happy:


I wish someone had a photographic memory and can remember the questions answered... know of anybody on the forum? :LOL:

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