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Falling Away With You


What did you think about FAWY?  

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  1. 1. What did you think about FAWY?

    • Love it, can't get enough of it
    • Decent, but wouldn't mind skipping it
    • Horrible, what is this sorcery

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this song deserves way more attention


I guess it's just in the shadow of all the amazing songs on the album


I concur. It is perhaps overshadowed by the other widely-received songs on the album, such as "Stockholm Syndrome", "Time is Running Out", "Butterflies & Hurricanes", "Apocalypse Please", "Sing for Absolution", "Hysteria".. wow that's a lot, although in my opinion, "Stockholm Syndrome" is the only one that can challenge Falling Away with You, with its insanely beautiful, haunting, memorable tune and lyrics. :happy:

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I really like this song, especially the beginning.


Maybe I'm the only one who's thinking that, but I wish the whole song would be like the beginning and there's not really a "buildup". The guitar, bass and Matt's vocals are really beautiful. Sometimes I even skip the song when it gets to the "loud part" :$. (In Falling Down it's much better imo)

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This is one of those songs I recently 'rediscovered the awesomeness' of. Anyone have a link to that clip that surfaced (during the T2L tour?) of Muse rehearsing this song for a live performance?


Edit: I think I found the link, but sadly the website it was posted on (photoblab) doesn't seem to be a thing anymore. Did anyone save it by chance?

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