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iPod Touch Winner


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I love the above Kirby :)

All of the entries were funny (particularly like Tweet this and I'll love you, and Knights of iPhonia)


someone explain! i dont get APPunintended

And I know its really stupid and I'll feel very embarrassed when I realise :$


It took me a while to get it to. I just realized what it meant a few days ago. Appunintended, like A Pun Intended :LOL:. It was a good one. I also really liked iBelong to You.


I thought I was clever with:


Appocalypse Please

Hyperchondiapp Music

App of the Problematique

Sing for Appsolution


Now they are very :facepalm: looking back. But in my defense I didn't know it included all iPhone related puns! No fair.

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