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Crazy Muse Obsessed Japanese TV Host Cries Over Autograph She Gets From The Boys.


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The "talking" pig sidekick was cute (and in Japanese, probably quite funny). If I had a Japanese talking-pig sidekick, I'd call him "Tonkatsu," but I'd never eat pork near him.


It's not any worse than a talking horse, a talking Trans-Am, talking extruded-polymer Niagara Falls souvenirs, or anything else along those lines.


Tonkatsu Ramen is so delicious. :happy:

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I am also a celebrity in Japan... but I don't have Twitter so the people over there can't add me as a friend ¬¬




No. The girl from the video is Chikako Takagi.

She posted blog entry about it (only Japanese)



Ahhh! :unsure: I saw Yuki very look-a-like Chikako.... :p


Omg, she was really excited for her gift! :happy:

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Guest Sarah-x

n'awww lucky girl, getting called beautiful by matt :happy:


i would probably cry with that coment from matt :LOL:

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