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Favourite Exogenisis track?  

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  1. 1. Favourite Exogenisis track?

    • Part I: Overture
    • Part II: Cross Pollination
    • Part III: Redemption

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Its so hard to decide between 1 and 3. Regardless, the whole symphony is spectacular...and so damn atmospheric. From Matt's perfectly-controlled falsetto in Overture to the beautiful piano piece and powerful, yet soft vocals of Redemption....its just effin' awesome.

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My favorite is Redemption. But I think you really have to listen to all 3 parts in a row to get the full effect of it. I rarely listen to one part by itself.


The 5.1 dvd is the best because there's no break between each part like the way it is on the cd.


same here, whenever part 2 or 3 comes on i just don't listen to it, i prefer the entire package.

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