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Favourite Exogenisis track?  

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  1. 1. Favourite Exogenisis track?

    • Part I: Overture
    • Part II: Cross Pollination
    • Part III: Redemption

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I was on the coach today going to college and 1:34 of Redemption kicked in right as I was looking out of the window onto a sunrise just above the tree line. It was so beautiful, if I wasn't with my mates I would have shed manly tears. I welled up a bit, that's for sure.


I haven't listened to it in public yet, and I'm actually afraid of tearing up while I'm on the subway or something :D;)

So far, I cried almost everytime I listened to it. I'm such a wuss ^^

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So, what does a rich man's Soldier's Poem sound like? :erm:


:D Have to say comparing anything to Soldier's Poem is completely meaningless for me, definitely one of my least favourite Muse songs of all time...


1>2>3 ... But reading this thread I'm starting to think I may eventually coming around to 3 if that's the way things are going! We shall see, I'm pretty sure that 1 is going to stay on top though... When he starts singing... oh good god :ohmy:

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