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Their first album went platinum and their second album went double platinum. Feel Good Inc. is also a gold single. Four singles charted on the Hot 100 - Five singles on Top Alternative (one of which got to #1). Add to that an upcoming third album that will again put them in the spotlight and you easily have the second biggest name on the lineup.


I hate to say it, but if they add another big name to replace a current headliner (which they've only done once in the festival's 10-year history) - it would be Muse that gets bumped down.


I doubt it, as Muse will also be touring on a strong album, has good sales stateside and better sales than the Gorillaz internationally and overall has more material to pull from. Also keep in mind the band hasn't toured in like 5 years and hasn't proven it can sell that sort of event - Muse is on their second string of stateside arena tours (they were already doing an arena level tour in 2007) and sells out huge venues in England.


I don't even know how the hell they're going to pull off Gorillaz - between it being an animated band and all the guest performances they have...

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Where do people get the rumour saying Muse comes on October at California?


I mean where did you see it, in an interview or what? Want to know!!


Matt said on his official Facebook he plans to play a famous festival in California in April, which is Coachella. He then proceeded to say he is coming back to LA to play in October.

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*NightShack facerolls on the keyboard.




Is...is...is...th....that t...true?

Do you have a link on that? And you sure it's Matt's real facebook?


Yes, the link to Matt's official Facebook is on http://www.muse.mu


Here's the convo:


Fan (Eric): "Hey Matt! How about those L.A. dates? When u coming back to California?"


Matt: "Eric, we are looking at LA dates for October. We may be playing a very well known festival in California in April too ;-)"


There ya have it, have fun.

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LA dates? intriguing.


And pitchfork hates Muse so that's not surprising.


I doubt it, as Muse will also be touring on a strong album, has good sales stateside and better sales than the Gorillaz internationally and overall has more material to pull from.


That's true, but international sales at an American festival don't really mean anything. Muse only has two gold albums, period. The Resistance is currently sitting at sales of 369,894 and Black Holes somehow re-entered the charts at #200 last week and has total sales of 667,223. That's a far cry from the comparably stratospheric numbers Gorillaz have. And while Gorillaz have very, very few live shows under their belt - that's even more reason for them to be headlining. For people that want to see them, it will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime, special occasion. People will travel for that, perhaps even internationally.


And a good point about Muse having more material to pull from - I just wish the band themselves would realize that sometime before this tour is over, too.

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For Christ's sake i'm a sophomore in HS, how the hell do they expect me to come up with $300 by Friday?!


Not to be a cunt, but you really should be glad your parents let you see concerts at all being that age. Coachella does offer a multiple payment layaway package so it's not like coming up with $300 by January 22 is the only option, either. I'd be willing to bet there will be tickets available at the door April 17 as well. If not, October isn't that far away. And on the bright side, they might even start adding in more songs to the setlist by then.

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The lineup looks incredible! I want to gooooo. Hotels are prob all booked though huh. I should look. The three day pass is pricey but not a bad deal considering there are some amazing bands playing other than Muse. And, not to be an ass, but Muse VIP tix (which I bought for some friends for the last Las Vegas show) were $95 plus TM fees, so uh, sometimes quantity matters.


My parents are being stupid.


"Music festivals are a cesspool of immoral behavior. Just think of the Beatles in the 50s!"




They are so totally right. :LOL: Coachella is a den of immorality and drugs and drunken debauchery. Which is why everyone wants to go. Can't camp if you're under 18 though anyway without a guardian and that's where most of that stuff's happening (though not to say all) but that might help. Or not. 16 is actually pretty young for Coachella.


Yes, but we're splitting hairs here. By time you drive out to the desert all the crummy towns look the same, even if they are 7 miles apart from each other.


Hey, my brother lives in Indio! *brother stopped taking meds and bought house on whim* Anyway, Coachella's just the name of the festival. You know you live there when you have to have a salt water pool b/c your skin gets messed up from all the chlorine b/c you're in every day and you still can't go in til late at night when it's cooled down to say, 95 and the water is still 80 plus degrees it seems a bit far removed from SoCal. Indio is HOT. Don't underestimate the desert.


For those considering going, the Coachella website has a message board/forum as well. I just lurk around there, lots of snarky music snobbery rampant. You can get a good overview of things though.

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What a line-up :stunned:.


LCD Soundsystem

Them Crooked Vultures

Vampire Weekend

Public Image Ltd.

The Specials

Grizzly Bear




Faith No More

The Dead Weather

Hot Chip

Coheed & Cambria

Les Claypool


Porcupine Tree

Frank Turner



Thom Yorke


Gary Numan



The Big Pink

Florence & The Machine





You missed Jay-Z

and Gorillaz.

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Does anyone know how to get from lax to the festival without a car?

Taxi, Greyhound (bus), hitch a ride with other festival-goers, bike (kidding, lol)...


best option is the bus. However, the closest bus stop to the festival is still 3 miles away, so you'll need to find another way to finish the journey.


What used to be super-nice was back in 2008 (I think?) when Amtrak provided FREE rail transportation to the festival (station still some distance away though but you can get a taxi or charter that was offered).

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