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Favourite Muse song of all time?


which is ur fave muse song??  

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  1. 1. which is ur fave muse song??

    • plug in baby
    • knight of cydonia
    • hysteria
    • stockholm syndrome
    • new born

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Haha, well that's the whole point. If you HAD to. If someone put a gun to your head and asked you which Muse is your favorite, would you just take the bullet?


Well if someone did that then I'd just have to lie ;) haha, I actually dont have one single one.


It'd be a split between: Falling Down, Showbiz, Citizen Erased, Hysteria.

And from the new album Assassin and Knights of Cydonia are possible newcomers to that list, but they need more time to sink in.


If I HAD to, HAD to...Citizen Erased, just because its an epic and goes on for so long.:D


And yes, I am aware that I just contradicted myself.

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