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these aren't in any kind of order.


1. map of the problematique

2. bliss

3. citizen erased

4. undisclosed desires

5. the groove

6. stockholm syndrome

7. assassin

8. take a bow

9. easily

10. hyper music


honorable mentions: dead star, sunburn, uprising, time is running out, fury, plug in baby, falling away with you. 10 is not enough. :LOL:

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I don't post too often but figured this looked like a fun thread:


1) Stockholm Syndrome (I will NEVER!!! get tired of listening to this song)

2) Bliss

3) Citizen Erased

4) Knights of Cydonia

5) City of Delusion (un-der-rated!)

6) Map of the Problematique

7) MK Ultra

8) Muscle Museum

9) New Born

10) Full Exo (ok, part II if I had to pick one!)


A nice representation of the 5 albums, except maybe Showbiz (got into Muse late... TIRO was the first song I ever heard)

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