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2010.01.07 Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, Seoul, Korea

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* this one is recoreded in area 'B' which is located in second floor

* there are noise at the begining of Uprising

* change the order of B&H and NB :yesey:


* the Bootleg can be shared freely, if you have requirements, send her an E-mail.


TAKEME / 우리애



Source: EDIROL R-09 HR

->.WAV (PCM, 48,000HZ, 1536kbps)-> GOLDWAVE

->.MP3 (44,100HZ, 320Kbps)





01 Uprising

02 Map of the Problematique

03 Supermassive Blackhole

04 MK Ultra

05 New Born

05 Butterflies & Hurricanes

07 Hysteria

08 Nishe

09 United States of Eurasia

10 Helsinki Jam

11 Undisclosed Desires

12 Resistance

13 Starlight + JAM

14 Time Is Running Out + JAM

15 Unnatural Selection

16 Stockholm Syndrome



17 Plug In Baby

18 Knights of Cydonia













the Source is http://cafe.daum.net/oasislife/6UOH/16098

cheers to TAKEME :D

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hi y1907,...

awesome sharing dude,..

its very helpful stuff for many others needs this kind of stuff,...


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Thanks for the share, cant believe the mp3 downloads link still works! they are normally removed by now lol


Anyway a great share, thanks for this, as a new fan its a great hand to find such downloads for free :)




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