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Teachers who appreciate muse


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Basically, do you guys have any muse encounters with your teachers?

Do any of your teachers love muse? Do you discuss muse with your teachers during your lessons?


If so, post here :)


My conversation with my german teacher inspired me, it went something like this:


13th November 2009 (in the past)..


Teacher: Right, well done, that's the end of your german speaking mock. You doing anything special today?

Me: Yep! Going to see Muse tonight at the O2, I am SOOO excited!!

Teacher: Really? I saw them a few years ago! They were amazing!

Me: Wow!! I really can't wait!

Teacher: I hope you have fun! Byee




Teacher: Oh yeah Liz! I forgot to ask you, how was the muse concert?

Me: Omg, it was AMAZING!

Teacher: Wicked, glad you had fun.

Me: I'm going to see them at Wembley again next year..no wait..THIS year! It's this year!!

Teacher: *laughs* Do they still have tickets?


And then the conversation went on and on.. I got quite excited when i remembered it was 2010 :LOL:

She is officially my favourite teacher now :D

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Hahaha yes! My drawing teacher loves Muse

So that day I forgot to silent my phone, then it rang and my ringtone was Uprising

At that time he was sitting near to me and he heard the ringtone

Teacher: "Whoa Muse eh? I'm a fan of them also"

Me: "Really?? Did you watch their show 2 years back? (in Singapore)"

Teacher: "First row man! I got bruises all over but it was definitely worth it!"

(conversation continued)


A few weeks later......


On the day that Muse announced they're gonna play Singapore, I planned to ask my teacher during the lesson. Apparently he was faster! :D

Teacher: "Hey did you know that they're gonna come here again?"

Me: "I WAS ABOUT TO TELL YOU THE SAME THING! (grins excitedly) are you coming??"

Teacher: *can't remember his answer but yeah, then continued to....* They switched places during that TV show right?

Me: "YES YES Matt as the drummer and Dom as the vocalist! Wow you know that too?"

and then the conversation continued and he explained to my classmate who was sitting beside me cos she looked confused what were we talking about so excitedly


Oh yeah and I often draw Matt in drawing class and I think he knows now that I'm a super fan of Muse :p

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I once went to visit one of my teachers for extra help, and when I opened the door I caught her headbanging to Stockholm Syndrome. :awesome:


One of my friends who loves Muse is a teacher, though not mine, obviously.


haha, thats so awesome :D


i also discovered my chemistry teacher's favourite band is muse today :)

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I found out that my international relations professor who failed me twice when I was in uni (I graduated last October :p) is a Muse fan. He posted a link to the UD video on his FB. Of course I had to make a comment. Apparently he's been a fan for a loooooong time. I was really surprised. Maybe I would've appreciated him more back then if I knew he was a fan, too!

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The literature teacher I had this semster knows everything about them. We've studied 1984 with him, so for the oral test, people could make links with Muse and all, that was pretty cool. :)

That was a plan he suggested to me on facebook... He said we could draw the Map of the Problematique as followed:

I - The world of 1984 : a city of delusion

II - Winston as a citizen earsed

III - Room 101 : a stockholm syndrome


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My english III teacher likes Muse, I was the one who introduced him to them :awesome:


And after my English 1 teacher was fired a few years back, we got a long term substitute teacher (Ultra badass) but I didn't know he liked Muse, until when I saw them open for U2, I ran into him wearing a Resistance shirt.

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I've got a class where all the work has to be done on the computer, which is good cos I always end up looking at Muse stuff. My teacher will come over and be like "what are you -- oh! Muse! I saw them in 2007, there were brilliant." :LOL:

And then when The Resistance came out, I brought my ipod in so my friend and I could listen to it while doing work, and our teacher wanted to put it over the loudspeakers so she could hear it too :LOL: For the whole double lesson, my friend and I sat listening to the album whilst looking at the lolz thread on the board. And our teacher didn't care at all, because it was Muse :awesome: She even kept asking us how it was.

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