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Your (/your character's) best friend has been arrested for illegally downloading music. While in jail, he asks you to go to his house and clear everything off his computer. As you start deleting files, you notice a folder called "Top Secret." Out of curiosity, you open it—and are shocked by what you find.


ENTRIES must be PM'ed or Emailed to me. (PM me for my email, please. :) )

I think we'll try a poll for the voting this time. :yesey:


Word Limit : 3,000 max, 500 min. (500 overflow/ wiggle room)

Submission Date : July 17 (This can be extended, if necessary, as usual.)

Other restrictions : Nothing too sexual. Nothing too gory. Keep it at a higher-end PG-13, please. This is an open messageboard. ;)

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Awwwwww my awesome story will never see the light :'(


ACTUALLY, I was thinking about this yesterday and I think that if you finished it and sent it to me, I could post it and you could have an honorable mention in the failed 2nd competition, because I know you wanted to write it. :) If you want.

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