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i understand he deleted it since there was too much unnecessary comments on his myspace. but me, i was usually just wrote "hey matt how are u? matt, please come back to indonesia, we all miss u guys soo much" or "hey matt, just dropping by to say hello" or "hey matt how r u, just dropping by to send love". or simply just leave a smile like this :). my comments were also unnecessary but at least not bad,hehe.


i think i will cry if he come here. btw,has he ever been caught up??


:LOL::LOL: probably


I don't think it would be impossible but I think - they think if they would become active boardies, the ppl on here wouldn't feel free to write their thoughts :stunned: I mean...pmt, pdt, pct?! I would feel awkward. Don't get me wrong, I would appreciate it to have them as active members....but it would change the board and the topics at all, that's sure.


I don't think anyone put any explicit or blackmailing comments there right :rolleyes: Maybe he doesn't log in anymore so myspace deleted it....maybe he just doesn't want it anymore as he use it for his private but turn into public. Anyway, whatever it is, I doubt it's the comments.


And unlikely they will log into the forum using their username unless they want to do a forum and greet session :rolleyes::p I doubt they could become an active boardies as fans gonna horde them all the time. Being active using another username, maybe but definitely not with their official username.

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