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Pick u up or put you down???  

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  1. 1. Pick u up or put you down???

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    • I feel like crap any way O_o

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The other day you said that about Exo-Politics. You use to say that about Starlight, until you recently said you didn't mind it so much.


He said Exo-Politics was the worst song on BHaR


Starlight has at least picked up live recently which does help a lot when you give opinions on songs.

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yeah yeah I know, but people complain about it too much :unsure: I'm just one of those people that can't see the hate on it.


When you see the amazing piano songs they have i.e. RBS, SD, Hoodoo, Sunburn, AP, etc... and they persist on playing a flat cover which is pretty much the same 4 notes over again - I can, but as I say it's all about personal opinion.

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