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I need some help I am trying to dress like Matt for Celeb. Look-Alike day at my school (we really get into homecoming week there), and I have everything. But my hair is shoulder-length, and it would look strange if I cut it, since it is almost-curly wavy. I need to spike it up just the teeniest bit, but with shoulder-length hair that is nearly impossible.


Suggestions? Anyone?


(btw I knew I couldn't make a new thread because it would just get moved here anyways and disappear)


Or you can be Matt as a teenager. :awesome:



then you can just straighten it. bahaha.

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I think the best is dark hair, like really, really dark hair. And not too short.

I really love his haircut here:


This picture is just wonderful!! :awesome:



i wonder what kind of jacket hes wearing in this picture

it looks cool and i never saw one before

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