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oh and i just remembered another. the 2nd chorus in Megalomania, Matt's uber uber high backing vocals... :eek: it gives me shivers up my spine, it is crazy. but it is just awesome.. :cool:

I was just going to post that! I love that part so much... Also:

-How Matt sings "you bwoke my heart in two" in Falling Down. It's just adorable.

-The "Wash me away..." part of Citizen Erased. Probably my favorite part of any Muse song, though CE isn't my favorite Muse song.

-The beginning and end of Hoodoo.

-The cello (it's cello, right?) in Megalomania. Just recently noticed it, and I love it.

-The very end of Invincible. I think that's the only reason I like it so much, because it ends so well. Don't know what I like about it, I just do.

-"The universe is trapped inside a tear" and "All of history deleted with one stroke in MK Ultra. I just love both the melody and the lyrics in those places.


Okay, I'll stop there...

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has anyone noticed the whistleing in the chorus of darkshines? its pretty cool :D the piano before the chorus is also pretty awesome :D


-megalomania end <3 sounds so fucking great.


-the moment of exogenesis part 1 when he begins to sings sounds sooooo awesome :D


-the "syntheziser" (?) in MotP or what it is. i dont know sounds a bit like a synth, and its amazing :D


- the "plop" sound which matt makes in IBTY :D


-the fury "solo"


this are my faves^^but every song has a little moment i love :D

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Falsetto at the end of Showbiz, Plug in Baby and the one for the last lyric in New Born.

Trying to time the start of Apocalypse Please after listening to Intro.

Backing guitars in Fury.

Ending of Glorious, Cave.

Arpeggios in Uprising, Starlight.

Hearing the words 'Birth Squeeze' ;)


Anyone else like these, or is it just me?

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at 4:01 in B&H if you turn it up really loud you can hear Matt get up from the piano stool. I fucking love that. :musesign:


I also love how at the end of Glorious all of the dubbed guitars come together to make one coherent sound after being so random in the intro and right before that moment :)

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Yeah sure! Damn, where's the report button on the mobile version of the forum? :p

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omg, where do i even begin..


-'you broke my heart in two, no i will not forget you' falling down

-'im fweezing and losing my way' map of your head

-all of dead star!! [specially matts sexy gasps for air:happy::awesome:]

-all of ruled by secrecy!

-all of showbiz!

-all of apocalypse please!

-all of con-science!

-opening riff to fury.

-first 30 seconds of futurism

-closing riff of knights of cydonia

-opening of the groove [i actually love this whole song--but the beginning rly gets me into it!]

-spiral static!

-hysteria chorus.


-first verse of megalomania

-'eurasia -SIA -SIA -SIA!' usoe

-the crazy guitar riff from mk ultra [its closes out the song] makes you wanna headbang like crazy!

-'trust me, i never knew, that you were the one' and then the build back into the chorus--fillip

-1:24-2:08 new born [i actually lovelovelove this whole song, but that part gets me pumped!]

-'ooooohh yayaya..' whatever from tiro

-the ending of take a bow always gives me chills!

-the beginning of uno

-'give me the peace and joy in your mind, i want the peace and joy in your mind' bliss

-CE!! :awesome:


i think i'll stop there:D

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FAWY the first verse


CE the second verse + next chorus.


When I am attending at a gig: that short moment I don't know which song will be next and then one short moment after, I recognized it. For example Bliss at Wembley.


From Wembley 2007: the second verse of TIRO is amazing, especially the pinching at 1:43, drums at 1:53.



And last but not least:

Hysteria, ANY version, of course the bass line but also:

- at the very beginning, when Dom starts of the song with a single beat.

- the lead guitar riff moment, right there from 2:57 to...



I feel like I could go on for ever.

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I've got one from each album if I'm honest;


Showbiz- Spiral static's bassline


Origin- futurism as a whole song


Hullabaloo- The scream in Micro Cuts (IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII've seeeeeeeeennnn...)


Absolution- Sing for absolution's last chorus


Black holes- invincible solo


HAARP- New born solo


Resistance- The drone and bassline going into Uprising

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Don't know how to describe it as I'm not in the least bit musically minded! I love the guitar (don't even know if it's Matt or Chris! :$) at exactly 3.46 into my LCCC video.




Such a beefy fucking sound in the flesh!:happy:


:LOL: I didn't know Matt had said that (at the beginning). So they do know how much we love Citizen Erased. And they love to tease us with it :LOL:

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Did he say anything else? It's so rare to get more than two words out of that man.


Oh God, my memory of gigs is appalling (hence my love of taking video when the conditions allow!:LOL:) but as far as I recall he didn't say anything else of much interest :)

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