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I really don't get the "hate groups" :(, you have to be bored to death spending time for that!

Why hating a band you are not forced listening to or seing anyway :eek: (except in a movie but it's generally just for a few secs & most of the time you don't even know it's them...)

If they're on radio or TV just change channel, if they are doing a gig somewhere don't go, if they are at a festival don't stay, if they are in your fav mag just skip the article :facepalm:

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One guy on my facebook friends actually said to me that "Muse suck, all their music sounds the same."

Yet when I mentioned Oasis he goes "Oasis rock!"

Oh the irony.


All the reasons that people come up with for hating Muse are quite funny.



i dont like how oasis have become successful AGAIN with the same bland stuff..

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:LOL: Maybe I'm weird but I like Matt's breathing noises, especially in Moyh.:$ Yes, I'm weird...


Anyway, the fan groups on Facebook are much bigger than the hate group.:D And I admit it, sometimes it's just funny to join a "I hate that band" group, they can be quite creative and hilarious.


I love Matt's breathing too! (Yeah that sounds kind of weird but I love it) Especially in Time is Running Out and of course MOYH.


And that Facebook group is a load of bollocks. It's just a bunch of sad people with nothing better to do than slag of a band for having... "shapeships" at their gigs... :facepalm:

I love how many people joined to defend Muse :happy: I get really protective over them too lol but good luck to them getting a million *sigh*

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