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Knights of Cydonia Discussion Thread


Do you like Knights of Cydonia?  

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Allright, do you guys like Knights of Cydonia?



How Musey is this song?


For one I fucking adore it... I cant wait for the album version...


The guys have done it again, just when you think they are about to fall down hill they just jump right up again without thinking about it.....:p


Well done guys!

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Guest Puppetmaster


I just voiced my point of view. I don't liek it.


Just unpleasant associations, I guess. I'll try to find the song it reminds me of. :LOL:

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You are all going to try and shoot me down for this, but the part near the end where you can really hear the synths reminds me of Radiohead a bit. Not much, it's no big deal, doesn't mean they are copy cats or less original.

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