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THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing all your footage ! It is just amazing !! Matt's "moments" with his guitar is priceless, and most of all, YOU were an incredible audience, singing along through the whole gig... Omg what an epic night I missed !!! You made Matt quite happy from what I can see on the videos ! I can't wait for my turn now, it seems that their gig are better every day... I have mega expectations :happy::happy:

THANK you Muse and THANK YOU AGAIN you awesome musers !

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I like it too, I think it would be cool if they used that when they came back to the states rather than the towers, but it's probably just for festivals :supersad:



i meant the 10mins before the song with the two roadies on stage getting the keyboard out :chuckle:

Probably, but I hope they bring it for the States, too. The towers were frickin' epic, but they're so restricting.


That's what I was referring to anyway. :chuckle: I always enjoy seeing such things for some reason.

in this one you can see Chris just standing there smoking his pipe. need to find a better one



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Thanks for this!! :)


You're welcome ;)


The tv broadcast consists of:

1. Supermassive Black Hole

2. United States of Eurasia

3. Resistance

4. Time is running out

5. Starlight

6. Man with a harmonica + Knights of Cydonia


Shame they didn't allow to broadcast the whole gig. It was great!

Maybe in the future they'll release the footage, since everything was filmed.

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The full gig is now available in HD! Follow the link below to go to the playlist on my channel.




What a nice dad! Your videos are such a gift. And thanks for the promise of more to come. Does your dad like Muse too? He's going to all the gigs with you and waiting for hours so you can get barrier? Super dad!

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Dee3Dee...you´re awesome...and your dad too!! :D


Better quality videos from tv broadcast (only Resistance and TIRO uploaded until now...)






I love this photo :LOL:





I lol'd. :LOL:

edit: OH MY GOD. That video is amazing. You could feel the energy. There's so much of it. Dammit, I won't be able to sleep now that that video woke me up. :LOL:

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