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map of the problematique


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Well,if it cannot be done that way,could I maybe use RP1000 as foot controller for the Guitar Rig?

EDIT:I tried using RP1000 as Guitar Rig foot controller,and it sounds great for me,so anyone who has Digitech RP stuff with in-built whammy and Guitar Rig can play MOTP without any problems.

EDIT2:I also tried to use Line6 UX1 as MIDI interface,and it also worked,so now I think that every MIDI interface that can connect your PC,guitar and amp at the same time will do the job.


HOW i have a rp 1000

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hello everybody,

one guy success the thing that we try to reproduce until 15 years...



Just wow.... i have a g2 at home but the guy don't want to share his patch. So i need your help for try to recreate this... anyone have a similar patch for the g2 ?

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