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Fan Written Muse Review... Thoughts?


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Not sure where to post this... So I figured I'd post this here...I'm a Journalist student at Bucks New Uni and I've written a potential article for the student paper- its a Review on Muses o2 Gig on 13th November...If possible I'd like some thoughts...room for improvement and so on... Cheers! :)


Muse, London o2 Arena, 13th November 2009, supported by “Dominoes” hit makers The Big Pink

Spectacular Visual Onslaught, As Muse round up their UK dates for their Resistance Tour in typical Raucous style.

The mighty Muse is back in the city for 2 nights only, and they’re breaking out into stratospheric proportions with what could easily be one of their more ambitious stage setups. Even by Muse’s standards...

With a combination of a grand laser lightshow, revolving stages and high rise buildings providing a spectacle like no other. Muse stormed into their 20 song set list with one of the more fist pumping tracks on their new album- single Uprising.

Muse had the sold out crowd eating out the palm of their hands from the beginning of their 2 hour show.

However the crowd’s thunderous response wasn’t always received, particularly on Muse’s slower songs like their 5th album title track The Resistance and Exogenesis: Symphony Part I (Overture). Thankfully though there wasn’t too much static action from the crowd, Muse soon whipped them up into a frenzy with old hits such as piano led Showbiz track Cave, Origins of Symmetry tracks New Born and Plug in Baby and the ever so popular Twilight featured Supermassive Blackhole. Muse also equally had the crowd rocking out to their new tracks such as MK Ultra, RnB influenced Undisclosed Desires and sure-fire stadium smash Unnatural Selection with the crowd screaming back at a wailing Matt Bellemy, clad in turquoise skinny jeans, “I want the truth!”

Rounding up their final UK show before heading to Europe with the awe-inspiring Knights of Cydonia, Bassist Chris Wolstenholme lead into the song with a lone harmonica warble, a pre-warning to fans for the extravagant build up to a finale in which Muse emerged overall victorious amongst a dry ice fury.

With their mix of songs both new and old, Muse played a fine line in pleasing both the hardcore and Twilight contingents, a line played on the night with relative success. As both groups of fans walked away satisfied.

In spite of their extravagance, stadium rock and grandeur, it was the rare moments away from it that made you appreciate the band just that bit more. Highlighting their musical expertise with moments like the instrumental B-side Niche or the newly dubbed Helsinki Jam really stood out from the norm.

The fact is simple when it comes to Teignmouth’s much loved local band- in spite of their Spinal Tap enthused Queen Moments- the core of Muse will always be 3 friends energetically rocking out on the stage like their lives depended on it.

Muse UK tour dates for 2010 have already been announced, Tickets for Muse at Wembley Stadium and Manchester LCCC go on sale Friday 20TH November 2009. Muse’s Album The Resistance is out now.

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