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How would you rate Origin of Symmetry?  

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What a great album. This is the only time I feel Muse have created a sound that they've carried through an entire album and it works really well. The album flows really well as a result. It's also their most passionate sounding album. The heavy tracks sound aggressive and the quieter tracks sound fragile. However, it never sounds like it has gone too far over-the-top.


The guitar and piano riffs are better on this album than any other and they created some incredibly catchy material without having to cater for a mainstream audience. Even the B-sides from this album are awesome!


I don't have a distinct favourite track from this album. New Born, Bliss, Space Dementia, Plug in Baby, Citizen Erased and Megalomania are too close to compare.


My favourite moment on the album is probably either the last minute of Citizen Erased or the closing notes of Megalomania. They're both incredible moments.

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Overall, I Give Origin of Symmetry a 4-star rating.


I feel that on this Album Muse were beginning to find themselves, but were not yet fully developed as musicians. The best thing about OOS as a whole is the rawness of it all, which resulted in an album distinctly different to other Muse albums in its production. The album's first half is absolutely killer and some of their best work to date, but it fades a bit toward the end, with 3 of Muse's weakest tracks in Screenager, Darkshines, and Feeling Good, before rearing its head again in the monster that is Megalomania.


Best Track: Bliss

Worst Track: Screenager

Favourite Moment: The extremely high voice heard in the background of megalomania 'take off your disguise'

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The reason why i gave it a 5 is more based onthe creativity. the best thing is, like i said creativity. You never find this in every day music, It's one of a kind and great, human its not flawless.It's what i like. I really honestly don't find much wrong with the album there is a acctional song that didn't go any where but it still was a great song. Best track: uh between plug in baby and bliss Worst track: didn't really have any bad ones they wher all good. Favourite moment: that last note in Plug in Baby, it's killer to hear and sing :p

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4 stars


Good things about the album

Fantastic first songs, many of them being the best songs they have been made.


Bad things about the album

I can never spell Megalomania right on the first go. :LOL: Now for some serious ones.

The first tracks are fantastic (with the exception of Hyper Music. I can never get into that one.) However, towards the end of the album, I can rarely be bothered to keep listening. Screenager starts of sounding great, but has a slow chorus, and messes up the flow on the album. It definitely should have been omitted. Darkshines and Feeling Good are great songs, but don't seem to fit the album either, although Darkshines perhaps fits a bit better than Screenager and FG. This is why I gave it a 4: I get bored towards the end. A strange reason, maybe, but meh.


Best tracks

Space Dementia, Megalomania, New Born, Bliss, Citizen Erazed, PIB.


Worst track

Hyper Music, Screenager.


Favourite moments

Everything about Space Dementia. The second verse of Megalomania.

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Overall, 4-star rating.


A great album, my 2nf favourite one, I think. It doesn't get boring, great lyrics. From aggressive tracks (new born) to positive uplifting ones (Bliss), to experimantal/unusual (Citizen erased) to great ballads like Megalomania.


Best Track: Bliss

Worst Track: Screenager

Favourite Moment: beginning of New Born, from the piano intro to that great guitar part

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Four Stars.


Good: Consistent, heavy, dark, riffage.

Bad: Feeling Good ruins the albums five star status. There are no other issues with this album bar that.

Best Track(s): New Born, Bliss, Space Dementia, Plug In Baby, Citizen Erased.

Worst Track(s): Feeling Good.

Favourite Moment: New Born riff, crashing organ in Bliss, Megalomania outro.

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Best tracks: New Born, Space Dementia, Citizen Erased, Megalomania, Micro Cuts, etc.

Worst Track: Feeling Good.

Favourite moment: Space Dementia, Micro Cuts falsetto and outro, New Born riff.


my favourite Muse album by far. Just brilliant.

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How would you rate Origin of Symmetry? 5 stars


Good things about the album: The first 7 songs are incredible.

Bad things about the album: Feeling Good doesn't fit, decent song but not of the quality of the other 10 and also a cover

Best track: New Born or Bliss or Space Dementia

Worst track: Feeling Good

Favourite moment: The build up to the outro riff in Micro Cuts


Edit: Screenager is beautiful, one of their best slow songs that isn't on a piano (and can be on a piano if they wanted it to be)

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I gave it a 4 stars rating


Good things about the album:

Theres such an unique sound to the album, this kind of thing is what makes me love Muse. It has some of the best Muse songs and singles. I don't really dislike anything about this album


Bad things about the album:

As much as I like every song in here, I just dont think the album flows as well as the other Muse albums, Feeling Good (even though I really like it) feels a little out of place. Most of the lyrics here don't do anything for me (except Bliss and CE)


Best track:

Citizen Erased + Micro Cuts and New Born


Worst track:

Feeling good. Its not the song I dislike the most in the album, is that it feels so awkward in it. My least favourite here might be Screenager, but unlike Feeling Good it doesn't really break the flow of the album


Favourite moment:

Transition from Piano part to Riff in New Born

Chorus for Citizen Erased

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4 Stars

Good things: The first 7 tracks are some of Muse's best, and the heavy riffs are just :awesome:

Bad things: It loses something towards the end, however Megalomania makes up for this.

Best songs: Bliss, Plug In Baby, Megalomania

Worst songs: Darkshines, Feeling Good, Screenager

Best moment: The first riff in New Born gives me chills everytime :eek:

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Good things about the album - Riffage; the way Matt makes piano really heavy and work in a rock song; the fact that it sounds absolutely mental.


Bad things about the album - Feeling Good ruins the mood. But skipping it is easy.


Best track - Citizen Erased, Space Dementia, New Born, Micro Cuts (The first 7 tracks in general).


Worst track - Feeling Good


Favourite moment - The outro to Citizen Erased, the moment the riff of New Born comes in and when the piano of Space Dementia starts to go....mental.



My english is tired today.

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