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Undisclosed Desires + Shipping Charges?


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I added the single to my basket but when I go to the checkout there are delivery charges. Am I ordering a physical copy? :confused: So confused...there's nothing that tells me I'm not ordering a download. I'd like a physical copy if it exists though. :chuckle:





EDIT: Just read the sticky...feel free to lock this thread if there's nothing you caan do. Sorry.

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it's a digital download.

Are you sure Kev?

Cause this is my email with them

Thank you for contacting the Muse Customer Services Team


As long as you a selecting a digital item then the shipping on the item should come up as zero.


The advantages of pre-ordering will only relate to physical items as these will be despatch to you for the release date, as to the downloads these will be despatched to you on the release date as well so no real advantages gained on these items.


Kind Regards

Emery Mail Order Customer Services Team

On behalf of Muse


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Sent: 14 November 2009 05:56

To: shopsupport@muse.mu

Subject: Re: Questions about Singles in Shop?


Hey, another couple of questions.

When i go to pre-order Undisclosed Desires, it wants to charge me for shipping... i thought it was digital release only...?

Please let me know...


Also is there any advantage to pre-ordering?


Many Thanks

*my name*

And i also saw someone say this

Well i can't download anything from the website and according to My Orders on the shop, my UD EP has been dispatched, so i am pretty sure it is physical :happy:
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