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Myspace Muse page redirecting thing...


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lolwut? :LOL: Has it been hacked maybe? Or are Muse trying to tell us something?


Must have been, but you'd think they would do something funnier i.e the Radiohead site :LOL:

Not happened to me


EDIT: Erm spoke to soon :LOL:


Yea, it happens after a few seconds


better get this sorted, the Undisclosed Desires video shud b on ther 2moz

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haha that page has over 2 megs of images, mental. olly while you're fixing stuff on it can you tell them having the name of the person who designed it on it is a bit tacky for a professional band :LOL:


I don't think they can remove that unless they pay a fair bit of money to the creator.


Go to the link and check the guys profile, he must have some good contacts! Look at the amount of designs the lucky sod has done!!

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