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Need help figuring out how to change my order's shipping address..


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Before I explain my problem in detail, I will just say that I have already emailed the support email twice before this and I still haven't received any reply.


I ordered the Resistance Limited Edition Box Set in August, and set it to be shipped to my aunt in Ohio, because the day that the order was set to arrive happened to be during a time where we would be out of town. The order never arrived in Ohio, and I did get the email about the delay so I figured it was just delayed.


However, on October 20th, I received an email stating that the package could not be delivered because my address details were insufficient, it also said that the packaged would be reshipped once I confirmed my full address. I checked the site shop, and looked for any ways to do this, but I couldn't find anything. So I decided to reply to the email with my full address. This was on October 21st, I waited until October 27th and got no replies or confirmation so I sent another email with my order details and stuff, and added my address on the bottom.


Is there something I am missing? Like some option on the actual site where I can confirm my address so that the order will be shipped again?

Or do they not send confirmations for reshipped items and I'm just being impatient?


Sorry for the length and thanks for any information you can give me.

Also apologize in advance if I've just missed something obvious. haha.

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