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I have a question and I think this is the place for it... I tried, sincerely tried, to read the 660+ pages but... the dishes aren't gonna do themselves. I asked, they won't. :rolleyes:


The thread turned onto the stadium tour subject for a while, but some concerts will still be using the big 360 stage. Mine, for instance, in October in Quebec. And as a matter of fact, I happen to be sitting behind the stage. My ticket says "obstructed view" on it. After a close call on a heart attack, I realized the band had decided to open more seats because they'd bring their humongous setting with them.


With that said, has anyone here seen a gig with that setting from the "behind", so to speak? And if so, what was it like? If I'm only gonna miss the supporting band, I don't care as I'll probably be outside smoking anyway. But if half the songs Muse play are not on the towers and I can't see anything apart from the songs they play ON the towers, I'll want to jump off the balcony, for real. :(


Good thing I'm not in the 400s, won't hurt too much... So, can anybody fill me in, please?

the show i went to (houston) the seats directly behind the stage were roped off. But from vids I've seen everything looks good.


Also unless you get there late or something, Metric is pretty cool, I would suggest you see them, considering you have the ticket and all. I personally always like to see the opening band, even if they are bad, because I figure I have the ticket anyway.

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I have loved Muse since I was 13,I have spent alot of money on their merchandise,albums etc. as Im sure alot of you have. So I find it quite shocking that they would have such a rubbish set list,surely they know the songs their fans like and its their fans who got them where they are today?

Im really not bothered about the stage or effects,I like everyone else paid that £40+ to see Muse play.I cant say I am a fan of the resistance album to be honest its so commercial and it dissapointed me after the promising heaviness of Black Holes and Revelations,though thats just my oppinion.;) I just hate how more and more bands seem to feel the need to go along the commercial road to make money and sell there integrity to the likes of Radio 1.

I miss the good old days where i was heckled by garage listening chavs for listening to such bands now its fashionable and everyone love rockbands!

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