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I basically agree with the general consensus on this thread.


While I was very pleased with the gig and the set-list in Helsinki in general, mainly because it was my first Muse-gig ever, I'd be disappointed if I was following them around this tour (which I was nearly about to do; well the Scandinavian part of it at least). To hear exactly the same songs every night, and in same order, is a bit boring, when you think about the opportunities which Muse's extensive back catalogue has to offer. They decided it's going to be no alarms and no surprises then?


However, I don't think that the band should really start playing whatever fans want them to play; they're not our bitches or a jukebox of any sort. But an element of surprise here and there wouldn't really hurt. Now they seem to have one slot in the set-list to do that, but ditching two Showbiz songs for a rather cheesy cover song isn't a very nice surprise... (I found out about this change tonight already before FG was being played and guessed it was going to get a major backslash here.. How right I was. :rolleyes:)

Even the more complex visuals this time shouldn't prevent giving the audience some more variation though. If a fancy stage design is taking something away from the music itself, then it's a wrong kind of design.


That said, I probably would've attended the gigs in Stockholm or in Oslo anyway if I had had the chance, just experience the great atmosphere again. (And to hear Chris speak! What's gotten into him?!).


The length of the set itself was for me quite ok, I think it was over 90 mins but less than 2 hours in Helsinki. Most of the songs are rather long, the band gives 110% on the stage, and they must be quite exhausted afterwards (how can anyone compare Muse to the Killers, for example?! Are you serious??). And now they are doing a gig every night.

As stated, it's not about the quantity, it's about the quality.


I agree completely with views on Radiohead's versatility live; they play both new stuff and mix it up evenly with older material (quite evenly from all the albums except PH - well Creep gets played every now and then), and fan favs, and can impro more live. I saw them in Prague in August where Thom just decided to play True Love Waits in full, instead of doing it as a shorter intro version as usual.Little surprises like this make live experiences worth while. (And they change several songs in the set list for each gig.)


(I don't get the complaint about the ticket prices though - 49 euros is a bargain really to see Muse - I'd be willing to pay twice as much. 49 e is a price for a dinner at some mediocre restaurant here - and Muse give me mental nourishment for the whole winter for the same price ;).)

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Ok, 20 song setlist..... this isn't my ideal setlist, but just trying to work with what they've been doing to get an idea of how they could vary things without too much upheaval.


TR is the new album, so they'll want to favor that, Showbiz is old so maybe they're sick of playing those songs... and here's what I get:


6 tracks from TR

4 tracks from BH

4 tracks from Abso

3 tracks from origin

2 tracks from showbiz

1 bside


20 songs


The "Have to play" songs they've been favoring are...


4 from TR: Uprising, US, USoE, UD

3 from BH&R: Starlight, SMBH, KoC, Map

3 from Abso: SS, TiRO, Hysteria

2 from origin: PiB, NB


That leaves...


2 slots TR: GL, MKUltra, IBTY, Overture

0 slot from BH&R for: TaB, CoD and Hoodoo - so they'd have to get rid of one of the "have to"s, but they could easily switch out a different one per gig or only change them every few gigs

1 slot from abso for: SfA, TSP, B&H, RBS

1 slot from origin for: Bliss, SD, CE, HM and heck, even FG!

2 slots from showbiz for: MM, Sunburn, Cave, Unintended

1 slot for a b-side: Dead Star, the Groove, Fury, Jimmy Kane lol


And here I've only brought in like 3 songs they haven't played on the last tour. This is totally doable :yesey:





Oh, and I'm tweeting stuff to them (and not abusive, of course! Saying things politely! :) )

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And they'l get better setlists mark my words.


The American music market can literally be the worse thing about music sometimes


Not really, I mean I think in America, where all the more die hard twilight fans are, they are going to play more hits.


It is more of a shock that in Europe they are playing a hits setlist instead because their fan base is far more stronger and older there, while in North America, not so much.

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My god, this thread is fast. I keep being 6 pages behind.


He knows. I've spoken to him about it loads of times. The band know. And they change nothing.


But why??? I guess they have a reason, but I don't know the reason I can't understand it and if I can't understand I can't accept it. *sigh*



He hasn't played it since Tinmuff. :noey:


:eek: You're spreading false information. There were concerts between Tinmuff and the start of the Resistance tour.



Anyways, before going all rage-mode, we should look on the Copenhagen gig, since it's the last Nordic gig and there's a two-day break till Hamburg. They might last out a bit different set, since they have time to rest afterwards.


I'm hoping so very much for a different Hamburg setlist! But I don't want to get my hopes up.



I haven't read this thread, and I'm not going to read the whole thing :p but I have to say - the sexy plane needs to stay in the gig threads! :musesign::yesey: It's the only appropriate place for it!


Maybe people can just transition here if they're getting too moany in the gig thread :yesey:


I agree that the sexy plane needs to stay in the gig threads, but I don't think people will be able to not moan in those threads.



Oh, and one last thing., Chicken Suit - FAIL


:LOL: Don't diss the chicken suit!



Fuck it, posting this now. Still 6 pages behind, but if I wait until I caught up, I'll never post.

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Did you read Clunge's post on page 2? It's sensible, reasonable, and calm. Nothing wrong with it and quite true. We're not harassing them, neither are we sending horrible tweets. It's actually a decent discussion about what to do, so there is no need to go emo over the band's emotional state;)


Of course it may be demoralising, but they should turn that into something positive (as said by many before me): we do still care! And we care a lot.


this, anyone concerned we're being too negative needs to read clunge's post, very reasonable.

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Yeh I know that but If you compare Europe and the States its fairly even ground. Muse'l have to play every state so that 50 gigs from the outset, and then to only play 30 in Europe even though the previous tour had more is a bit annoying


I HIGHLY doubt they are going to play every state :LOL:

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:LOL: i agree 100% :p They're big boys, hopefully they can take a little criticism - and also realize that if we didn't like them and their music we wouldn't be bothered to complain, would we? The whining is a sign of affection :p


Exactly. We're just showing them how much we care!

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Hm, as others have said, I am fairly sure Muse are thick skinned and don't take every single tweet personally.

But well, I've now tweeted:

@muse Please read this: http://bit.ly/pUxbn Stop playing festival sets, Muse. These are YOUR gigs. Cheers.


I think this sums it up quite nicely and can in no way be received as harsh or anything like it. So there. :)

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