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Which Muse songs mean something to you?

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A lot of Muse songs mean much to me, but not maybe personally.


I remember listening to New Born for the first times. I was just thinking that wtf was I listening to before music like this, I didn't even know that that good music actually existed.

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How did I not know about this thread before - I love reading what everyone has to say :) Sooo many songs mean so much to me - maybe when I'm not nearly unconscious from lack of sleep I'll write more but lines that really stuck out for me last year when I was reinventing my life upside-down and backwards (and there was no turning back) was "Don't waste your time or time will waste you" from Knights of Cydonia and "Don't let yourself down, Don't let yourself go, Your last chance has arrived" from Butterflies and Hurricanes. My situation wasn't as desperate as it sounds but during moments at 2 in the morning, dark out and I'm surrounded by packing and cleaning it was like there were these 3 people on the other side of the world somewhere who may have had a clue what I was going through.

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Butterflies and Hurricanes means a great deal to me. Its the song that made me realise that this was it. Muse were something big coming into my life. I just thought, how can a rock band dare to put classical music into their songs?


Invincible (in particular the lyrics) means a lot to me. I want to go into acting as an adult, but my mum told me I wasnt good enough and it was a waste of the education she payed for. I began to believe her, and my life had no direction or purpose. Invincible made me think better of myself and trust my own abilities.


Exogenesis symphony means a lot to me too. I was a huge Muse fan before the Resistance, but I depended on that album to make me on obsessive fan. I remember listening the whole way through and crying over and over because I felt complete.


We are the Universe is amazing. I play it and shut my eyes and Im back at my first Muse gig. And we all know how that feels.

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How come I didn't find this thread earlier? :LOL:


Well, the album Absolution means a very big lot to me actually, as it was the album that helped me through one of the hardest studying times I can remember. It was quite paradox really 'cause the apocalyptic feel (especially amusing word game since I like Apocalyptica too :chuckle:) fit in so well with the situation but nevertheless I was gaining such an amount of power through listening that it was quite an extraordinary situation as it helped me get through the whole thing.

Adding to that, it's incorporated in some ingeniously lovely times, lying on my bed in the sun just listening to this album... :awesome::dance:


Standing out most of all was B&H, which sort of became my anthem for the years to follow. :D


Ok don't hit me anybody for this one, but Neutron Star Collision means an extremely big lot to me too. I won't explain why here, but it just does, and for a damn good reason :)


But actually, nearly all Muse songs really mean something to me... :)

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Space Dementia was my first Muse song- beautiful


Dead Star- especially the chorus- "you used to be everything to me"


Map of the Problematique- the lyrics are powerful and relate to a few moments in my life


Escape- "you would say anything, and you would try anything, to escape your meaningless, and your insignificance" "I'll take back all the things that i said, i didnt realise i was talking to the living dead."- pretty self explanitory


Invincilbe, Butterflies and Hurricanes- both have beautiful lyrics and make me feel amazing and confident when i listen to them.


Exogenesis 3- makes me feel that i can try again


Blackout- make the most of life with the ones you love and still have with you


Plug in Baby- school days :)


Unintended and Undisclosed Desires- just for the lyrics- esp. Unintended- "I'll be there as soon as i can. but im busy mending broken pieces of a life i had before...you"

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every muse's song, i mean, every muse's song means a lot to me.

muse's songs it's soundtrack to my life


Yeah Id have to agree... i love reading these posts they just make me fall in love with muse all over again. :happy:


Im not sure but i think Ruled by Secrecy probbaly is the one song that means the most to me, not really for the lyrics but just because of the first time i heard it. It was just when i was first getting to know the band. I woke up about 3.00 am one night to see snow falling onto my floor and looked out the window to see everything coverd in white. I just got My ipod put on the first thing i found (Ruled by Secrey) and just watched the snow fall...

Oh im so sad sometimes:$

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The Small Print, Screenager- reminds me of my mom.

Starlight, Stockholm Syndrome, & Supermassive Black Hole- got me into Muse.

Map of the Problematique, Guiding Light, Shine, Bliss, Uno, Resistance & The Groove- Reminds me of this one guy.

Feeling Good- that one guys favorite song.

Hyper Music- that one guy told me to listen to that song. i think because it reminded him of me.

Pink Ego Box, Unintended- reminds me of my boyfriend.

Escape- reminds my friend of that one guy, reminds me of me and my boyfriend.

New Born- reminds me of myself.

a lot. haha.

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