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Top 5 most replayable Muse songs


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1. Uprising - it's so freaking catchy and the guitar makes me move involuntarily

2. MK Ultra - it feels so short but it's so good

3. Muscle Museum - Same as MK

4. Supermassive Black Hole - same as Uprising

5. Hysteria / Fury - no idea why, they just are

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I'm surprised so many people have put CE. I love the song to death, obviously, but I think it's too long and emotionally damaging to be played more than once in a row.


I agree entirely with this!


1. Hysteria - that bassline gets me everytime!

2. Exo-politics - I get a slight thrill when "when the zetas fill the skies" comes in.

3. Plug In Baby

4. Butterflies and Hurricanes

5. Sunburn -beautiful arpeggios

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1. Stockholm Syndrome

2. Bliss

3. Showbiz

4. Dead Star

5. Hysteria


:LOL: I am WAY too indecisive to pick JUST 5 on my own, so I went through and read a bunch of the lists and I think I agree with yours the most :p So I'm going to be unoriginal and steal from you ;)


But I feel like you really can't limit it to just 5. In general, I think most Muse songs are very re-playable (with a few exceptions of course).

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Guest hysteriaaah

No particular order:

-New Born

-Map of the Problematique

-Knights of Cydonia





Eh, but theres so many songs missing:( I could actually do almost every single muse song on repeat over and over again.:p

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