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Top 5 most replayable Muse songs


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In no particualr order;

Plug In Baby


New Born

Map Of The Problematique



Wow. That was hard. I tried not to think about it too much, it could've taken a while (': I personally think I could play all of the Muse songs could be played over again :LOL:

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1) Citizen Erased

2) Dead Star

3) Bliss

4) Hyper Music

5) Map Of The Problematique


New Born, Fury, Stockholm Syndrome and Plug In Baby just miss out, as I have gone through periods of over-listening to them. But then again iTunes tells me Forced In and Yes Please should be in there in terms of play count, and Micro Cuts, Showbiz, Space Dementia, Screenager & Hyper Chondriac Music at the minimum deserve to be included for me too, so as a list it's pretty meaningless... So adding all that up, it looks like I could make a vaguely meaningful top 15! :LOL:

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