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Top 5 most replayable Muse songs


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that kind of topic is brainstorming ! If I was told that I would be allowed to only 5 songs till the end of my life I would choose (no order of course) :

Showbiz - Microcuts - Sing for Absolution - Exogenesis (mostly I and II) - Host


@Sippe : I've been listening to The Resistance and only to The Resistance over and over again since it's been released until yesterday. Not bored, just think it's too short, I wished there would have been 1 or 2 more songs. I spent one day with listening exclusively the previous albums and Bsides and at the end of the day I was missing something... A little black hole in my soul I knew only The Resistance could fill

(and please excuse my bad English)

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Just a question, exactly how much are you people listening to The Resistance? Being able to say that you never get tired of it and all.


Every day since it came out and not getting tired of it yet... Infact; it only keeps getting better and better! :dance:


and my pick of the 5 would be... hmmmm....


Uprising (Can listen to it for hours and never get sick of it)


Map of Problematique

Supermassive Black Hole


and the 5th one is a tough one... I wanted to say Guiding Light BUT I kinda already had an overdose with that song so I'll give it a rest for a while... Damn! I think I'm gonna have to go with Time is running out for the 5th choice... Although Plug in Baby and Stockholm Syndrome are very close... :p

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I hope there isn't another thread like this. I searched and didn't see anything but feel free to merge or close if there is.


Anyway, I was driving home from work this morning and was listening to Exogenesis at top volume and I thought to myself: Man, I could listen to this song (counting all 3 as 1) a million times and not get tired of it.


So what are the top 5 Muse songs you could listen to a million times and still get chills every time?



1) Exogenesis (I, II, III)

2) Bliss

3) Hysteria

4) KOC

5) MK Ultra

In no order.....


Map of the Problematique



Plug In Baby

Time Is Running Out

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